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Below are a list of our services. We are more than happy to tackle any tree related or clearance work, so please get in touch to discuss your requirements 07722 446664.


Stump Grinding is often the last stage of permanent tree removal. After trees have been felled, you will have been left with an unsightly, ground level stump. If this is not an issue for you, it can be left in the ground but may cause problems in the future. These problems include the likes of root diseases and fungi such as honey fungus. Suckering can also occur and is when new shoots grow from the stump if it’s still alive.

Stump Grinding can be done at any time of year. Smaller stumps can be removed by hand, though the majority will require the use of specialist equipment. We have invested in a variety of Stump Grinding Machines to enable us to tackle each task on it’s individual merits. This allows us to take into consideration the surrounding area and access requirements. For some properties where side or rear access is an issue, we have a Stump Grinder that can be taken through most homes.

We are happy to come and inspect any stumps that you wish to have removed and provide you with the necessary advise. We will also be able to ascertain the suitability of the equipment needed to carry out any such works and decide upon access suitability.

Stump Grinding removes the upper section of the root ball, taking it sufficiently below ground level to allow for the reinstatement of lawns etc. The residue from the grind is a sawdust like mulch which naturally beaks down, adding nutrition back into the soil.

Stump grinding
Treewerx - tree felling


Occasionally a tree will need to be removed completely. This can be for a number of reasons. In the interests of conservation a diseased tree may have to be removed to ensure neighbouring trees do not also become infected. Other reasons to fell a tree will include safety (to people and property) i.e. if a tree is in a state of decay or in a weakened condition, or if the tree is in an unsuitable area affecting planning applications and construction projects. Felling a large tree in a restricted area will normally require the tree to be climbed and dismantled in sections. Other times when space, safety and the trees form and allows, a tree may be felled in the traditional forestry sense of the term, by bringing the tree to ground using practiced methods to ensure a safe, controlled and calculated fell.


The main reason for pruning trees, are safety health and aesthetics. It can also be used to stimulate fruit and flower growth. Pruning for safety involves removing branches that could fall and cause injury or property damage, trimming branches that interfere with lines of sight on streets or driveways, and removing branches that grow into utility lines. Pruning for health involves removing diseased of insect-infested wood, thinning the crown to increase air flow and reduce some pest problems, and removing crossing and rubbing branches. Pruning can best be used to encourage trees to develop a strong structure and reduce the likelihood of damage during severe weather. Removing broken or damaged limbs encourages wound closure. Branch/Limb Removal Sometimes it is only necessary to remove the odd branch. This could be for a number of reasons – e.g. growing to close to a building, obstructing a driveway, crossing a neighbours boundary, etc.

Treewerx - tree pruning
Treewerx - crown reduction and maintenance


Crown reduction pruning is most often used when a tree has grown too large for its permitted space. In the above diagram the blue area of branches would be removed. This method results in a more natural appearance and increases the time before pruning is needed again and minimizes stress caused to the tree. Crown reduction can be used to reduce the wind resistance and uptake of water.


Crown thinning is a pruning technique primarily used on hardwood trees. Crown thinning is the selective removal of stems and branches to increase light penetration and air movement throughout the crown of a tree. The intent is to improve a tree’s structure and form while making life uncomfortable for tree pests.

Treewerx - crown thinning
Treewerx - crown lifting


Crown lifting is the removal of selected branches and limbs from the lower part of the trees crown thus lifting the crowns overall height. Depending on the location of the tree, this process is generally performed to ensure vehicles and people can pass safely underneath avoiding accidents and injury. This process can also assist in allowing more light to penetrate through the lower crown.


As a tree grows it is natural for some branches to die back. It is advisable to have your tree regularly inspected and cleared of any deadwood. Pollarding This is the practice where a tree is maintained at a specific height. Traditionally trees have been maintained at a height of twenty to thirty feet. A large maturing tree can be kept small when pollard techniques are used. Using this method a trees water uptake can be reduced. Hedge trimming The reduction of height, width and shaping of hedges. Debris Disposal we take pride in doing an excellent clean up job. All brush and debris is taken away and 100% recycled unless requested otherwise. Some clients may prefer us to leave logs on site, either to use as firewood or to help provide a habitat for bugs and beetles which in turn feed the birds, hedgehogs, frogs, newts or other animals you may want to encourage into your garden.

Treewerx - dead wooding
Treewerx - hedge trimming


We also offer a variety of hedge trimming services. So if you have a hedge which is overgrown and would like it trimmed down or shaped please do not hesitate to contact us. As with all our jobs, We will remove and dispose of all cutting remains after each job, to ensure that your property and garden is left clean and tidy as it should be. No job is too small.


Do you have a problem tree and are not sure how to deal with it? We can help!

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